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'Better Together Couples '

A virtual group for couples who desire to build a better relationship together.

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Why Better Together Couples?

Here's Why
Help Overcoming The Struggle

As couples, we all share universal moments of pain & conflict within our relationships, but we don’t have to struggle alone in despair.  

Better Together wants to shed light on these universal issues and provide practical steps couples can take to restore the connections of hope and vitality. 

Joining A Community of Support

When we choose to operate in silos, the result is skewed perspective and believing that we are destined to suffer alone.

The truth is, we are designed to be in relationship with other like-minded people who support us in this walk of life.

Better Together Couples creates connections in a safe environment with facilitators whose place their life lessons out in the open for the betterment of the community they serve.

Investing In Yourself is required

Becoming your best self takes a lifetime. We all are required to do the work that contributes to being a good partner.

Better Together Couples demonstrates an investment in becoming the best version of yourself and the best helpmate to your partner. Be prepared to discuss topics that will include emotional wellness, intimacy, overcoming trauma, and spiritual purpose. 

We all have something to learn and to contribute. That is the power of the Better Together Couples community. 

Having A Good Time is Really Important

Life is serious enough. Don’t show up taking yourself too seriously, we don’t. Everything we share comes from a place of love and respect, but laughter is a healing tonic in a class by itself.

At Better Together, not every topic can be a joke, but having a good time is one of our core principles. So please come prepared to enjoy yourself, as we work through the twists and turns of coupled life through discussions, examples, music, and exercises. 

Better Together Couples is now in closed sessions.

Our couples group is now in closed sessions to allow the utmost privacy and intimacy for participants. We will be inviting additional couples soon.

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