Interested in Doctor SOS speaking at your next event?

Thank you for dropping by my speaking page. The last few years have been full of blessings and I have found myself speaking at over 25 events, appearing in national television programs, radio programs, and hosting a series of Doctor SOS events. I have been blessed to speak to audiences in conference room settings, sanctuaries, and stadiums in a variety of settings that include conferences, panels, meetings and of course Doctor SOS events, such as Better Together.

This page is designed to give you a sampling of the quality that you can expect from me as a speaker. My key topics are wellness, relationships, and spirituality. My goal each and every time I speak is to deliver a presentation that engages and challenges your audience to realize the full potential of their lives and relationships.

Please take a few minutes to watch the videos that I’ve prepared and if you are interested in me speaking at your event, complete the form below. You have my gratitude.

Keynote Speaker highlights

Here are highlights from two events that presented me as the keynote speaker. The events featured are the #WeWin Women’s Conference which had a registration of over 2,000 and the ARDX Foundation’s Women’s Wellness Conference held at the Ted Constance Conference Center in Norfolk, Virginia.


Event Attendee  Testimonials

Generally, it’s better to let someone share their feedback personally. Each of these ladies attended an event in which I was the primary or keynote speaker.


What you can Expect

When you deal with me or my team, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Timely and professional responses to your calls and emails
  2. A consultation by phone or video conference with a member of my team prior to your event, so that I can make sure that I’m prepared to serve your audience
  3. For keynote presentations, an announcement on my site ( and my social media platforms announcing my participation
  4. A well-thought out presentation that will be dynamically delivered and leave your audience satisfied
  5. I will provide a custom resource page for your attendees at under an easy to recall custom URL (e.g.
  6. After your event one of my team members will contact you for a follow-up to ensure that your expectations were met and gather any insights that you may have

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