This is a continuance of the Free to Be Me Women’s relationship series. Dr. S.O.S. spent the first 8 parts of the series discussing how we build a relationship with God. In this six part series Dr. S.O.S. discusses the dynamics of building a relationship with ourselves. In Part 1  she discussed “self-esteem”; now in Part 2 , she discusses “self-acceptance”.

In this presentation we learn the characteristics of self-acceptance:

The upsides of self-acceptance:

She also provides an exploration of just how your self-acceptance concepts came to be.

After the click, you can enjoy the video (length 38:19) and follow along with the accompanying slide deck. Please leave your questions and comments, Dr. S.O.S. responds personally.

The importance of self-acceptance – video


The importance of self-acceptance – slide deck

Free to be me relationship series – part 10 – self acceptance from doctorsos
by Dr. Stacie Otey-Scott, PsyD.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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