Audio Content icon Fatherless homes have become an epidemic in African American communities, but it doesn’t stop there. Fatherless homes in America are increasing across the board in the European-American and Hispanic communities as well. Dr. SOS fields passionate calls from listeners who share their personal trials with single parenthood, the shame of poor decisions and the hurt that their children must face in the absence of Dad.

Listen to this extended segment, as Dr. SOS speaks on the compounding emotional issues that plague multiple generations of children growing up without their Fathers present in the home and for far too many; growing up without Fathers in their lives. The segment also provides statistical correlations on the impact of fatherlessness with increased suicide risk, promiscuity and addictions in fatherless children.

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This is the posting of the Call Dr. SOS segment, which originally aired in November 2011 on WNSB 91.1.

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