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Episode 1: Finding Peace in the Process.

“What is the process…the process is the act of sitting down and dealing with your mess. The process can be as different as we are as individuals. For some, it may be praying and seeking spiritual guidance along with doing “something”, you don’t want to fall into the “faith without works” trap. For others, it may be going to a therapist, and for others it might be starting an antidepressant. Different strokes for different folks. But it is not avoidance. And it is not comfortable. You’ll know you’re in the process because it is usually painful or at the very least uncomfortable. But, when you can find peace in the process you can rest assured that you are on your road to recovery. Your healing is just waiting on you to start the process.”

Dr. S.O.S.
Download “Finding Peace in the Process” from the Call Doctor SOS segment.
(File size is 12.4 MB, .mp3)
This segment was originally aired on WNSB 91.1 in Hampton Roads, Virginia on June 6, 2011.

The complete written monologue can be found at “Finding Peace in the Process”.

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