Audio Content icon This episode of the Call Dr. S.O.S. radio segment explores Hot 91’s topic of the day: “Who has more pressure in parenting, men or women? Dr. S.O.S. takes her unique view and explores the question commenting on social and mental factors that impact parenting.

She discusses how to relieve some of the pressure of parenting, regardless of the parent’s gender. Of course it wouldn’t be a Dr. S.O.S. segment without discussing the effects that pressure can have on your mental wellness.

Finally, Dr. S.O.S. covers what really matters in your relationships with your children. You might be surprised at what she suggests. Take a listen.

Click here to listen.
Runtime: 13:38 minutes
Download size: 6.6MB (.mp3)

This is the posting of the Call Doctor SOS segment, which originally aired in October 2011 on WNSB 91.1.

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