I received requests for solutions to the problem of Fatherlessness. Being that the issue has impacted generations, there is no single solution that I can offer that could completely address such a widespread and far-reaching problem. I wanted to provide some additional resources and views that provide facts, offer alternate insights and may serve as tools towards healing wounded relationships.

Potential Solutions and Programs
All Pro Dad

Fathers.com 5 Goals for Live-Away Dads an article with 5 simple goals for Dads who don’t live in the home with their children designed to build and maintain relationships with your kids and their Mom.

How Dads Can Stay Involved.

Statistical Resources:
Statistics on Fatherless Children in America

Consequences of Fatherlessness

Articles, Papers and Videos:
Turning the Corner on Father Absence In Black America A Statement from the Morehouse Conference on African American Fathers

The Effects Of Fatherlessness. A Candid Coversation With The Three Doctors.

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