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Three Steps to Acceptance, Doctor SOS

3 Steps to Acceptance

In my latest presentation for the Women’s Relationship series titled Free to be Me, I am focusing on the relationship with yourself. As I have mentioned, life is about relationships, your relationship with God, yourself and others. In session #5 we are dealing with the relationship of “self”. Last week was “self-talk” and learning the influence that our words have in our lives and choosing to use positive self-talk instead of negative self-talk.

This week, we move to acceptance, which includes learning to accept things about ourselves, situations, and relationships. We often find it very difficult to view ourselves in what we perceive to be a negative light due to the impact of shame, guilt, or fear, but by committing to 3 critical steps we can overcome shame, fear or guilt and it begins with acceptance. Learn what the 3 steps to acceptance are.

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