4 Steps to Stopping Negative Self Talk

Relationship Series – Session #4

The words that come from our mouths have the power of curses and blessings. We decide with the words we speak, whether we speak positivity or negativity into our lives. In this presentation, I share how seemingly benign phrases can influence our perception of self and our outlook on life. Inside this presentation I explain the concepts of negative and positive self-talk.

In psychology, we learn about a principle called the “confirmation bias”, I explain in simple terms how we actively seek things that confirm our thoughts, decisions, and beliefs. Inversely, I provide examples of how we avoid things that disconfirm our thoughts, decisions, and beliefs.

Set your sights on positive self-talk comments that provide you with your own positive self-portrayal and image. If you are engaging in negative self-dialogue, I have provided 4 steps to Stopping Negative Self-Talk.

4 Steps to Stopping Negative Self Talk

1. Identify the damaging things you say about yourself.

2. Challenge them when they come up, based on God’s word

3. Understand and challenge the confirmation bias.

4. Practice self-affirmation


Relationship series free to be me – session 4 from doctorsos

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  1. Dr. S.O.S.,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the session last night on “Watch What You Say; Your Words Have Influence”. As I was listening to your teaching, it made me think about all of the negative comments I made throughout the course of the day and also the negative comments I said about myself. Many negative self-talk comments have haunted us from our past and it actually started with our mothers and grandmothers, which makes it a generational curse. But thanks be unto God that He has given us power to break and bind those curses with our tongue! It is so easy for us to say negative comments; however, we MUST make a conscious effort to speak LIFE! Once we do this, we will feel better about ourselves and begin to see the best in others! God bless you. #preachingtomyself

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