This is the presentation from session two of the Relationship Series; “Free to be me.”

In this session we discuss “Your relationship with God, where does it start?” We discuss what develops our image of God, steps to improve our relationship with Him, and practical exercises that we can use to draw ourselves nearer to HIm.

The homework assignment from this session calls for you to explore your God image :

  1. Take the folks you think you may have used as a template and consider their traits (good, bad, and indifferent)
  2. Use your list to determine how many of those you have assigned to God.
  3. Test for the truth of these traits belonging to Him based on His Word. Be willing to be honest with yourself (He already knows)
  4. Think about how you feel about Him when He’s disappointed you or something has happened that devastates you.

After you have considered what your God-image is…work on drawing nearer to Him with these intimacy exercises.

  1. Let hugging your spouse, children or loved one become a sacrament of communicating love to God.
  2. Make sure your day planner has at least one appointment with God that is written in indelible ink (can’t be changes or written over)

There is a video featured in the presentation by Mrs. Antonina Griffin, which we have embedded for viewing, just below the presentation. Enjoy.

Relationship series free to be me – session 2 from doctorsos

Against All Odds. My struggle, my success, my STORY!
Antonina Griffin

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  1. This has truly been a blessing to my life! I enjoy the Wednesday Women Empowerment Sessions with Dr. S.O.S. It has been very encouraging and uplifting to learn how many of us have so much in common. Dr. S.O.S. has an anointing and expertise that allows her to speak, teach, and prophecy in a way that helps individuals that have been hurt, unable to identify hidden issues, and complacent with life. It has been very challenging to hear and learn much of what she has exposed to me but I KNOW that I will be and am SO MUCH BETTER FOR having come to this point in my journey.

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